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Outdoor Rugs Dubai Is The Brand Name To Trust

At Outdoor Rugs Dubai, we started our journey years back in an effort to somehow add to the beauty of residential as well as commercial spaces. And with years of persistence and hard work, we finally succeeded to gain the top spot in the market of the best quality soft flooring suppliers all across the UAE.

It’s not just the product quality that makes us take the throne for being the first-rate soft floorings supplier in the market, there are various factors involved such as economical pricing, customer satisfaction, the versatility of choices, customization, experienced craftsperson, and certain other factors.

What Do We Offer?


At our stores and online, you can place an order to purchase carpets or rugs of your choice to complement various settings in your residential and commercial places i.e. living rooms, bedrooms, guest rooms, offices, gardens, patios, decks, backyards, etc.


You can design your own carpet or rug by availing our carpet and rug customization services. Adding to that, you need not step out of your home because we can deliver your order right to your doorstep for minimal price charges.

Amazing Carpet Rugs


Both carpets and rugs offered by us comprise the finest quality construction materials and are available in an extensive collection of materials, sizes, textures, designs, styles, and shapes for ideal selections.Speaking of carpet versatility, we offer wool, shaggy, bedroom, round, stairs, office, grass, outdoor, and wall-to-wall carpets. Not to mention that you can make an inexpensive yet best-quality carpet underlay purchase as well.

Coming toward rugs options, we offer Persian, round, shaggy, and wool rugs for bedrooms, hallways, and living rooms. Additionally, you can purchase handmade rugs for adding uniqueness to the interior or exterior of your home.

Why Is There A Need For Our Rugs & Carpets?

Just like the interiors, you can add to the look and vibe of the outdoors as well. We truly understand this concern, therefore offer the best quality rugs and carpets for outdoor as well as indoor spaces.

When it comes to introducing luxury and comfort to the exteriors, outdoor rugs are the ideal choice. Similarly, the need to add to the coziness, aesthetics, and design of the home interiors is fulfilled by the finest quality carpets and carpet underlay offered by us.
Manufactured using top-quality fabrics, we provide rugs and carpets that can withstand harsh environmental factors and last longer. Being inexpensive, the purchase of easy-to-clean rugs and carpets from us won’t cause any trouble to your financial statement. With that being said, all the requirements of ideal soft floorings get fulfilled making them the best of all the market-available options.

Carpets Dubai

To anchor the interior design and complement the decor and style, quality carpet placements are essential. We offer premium quality yet inexpensive carpets for indoor and outdoor placements.

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The simplest and most inexpensive way of adding to the beauty of your home is to introduce a plush, stylish, and comfortable rug. Our best-quality rugs come with a stylish appearance and offer a cozy surface to land your feet on.