The Benefits Of Having Handmade Rugs Over Machine-Made Rugs

The Benefits Of Handmade Rugs Over Machine-Made Rugs

Rugs are the means of creating a warm and gentle impression in any space because of their superlative appearance. You can buy rugs for a variety of genuine reasons, including comfort, luxury, style, and, above all, protection of floors. There is an endless range of variety in the market for these rugs based on their color, material, layouts, textures, sizes, patterns, and shapes.

However, did you ever wonder about the manufacturing of these rugs? Whether they are handmade or crafted by using heavy machines. Because there is a major difference in the quality, durability, weaving, and longevity of both types of rugs based on their manufacturing,

Therefore, we’ll describe the benefits of having handmade rugs over machine-made rugs in this article so that you can easily differentiate between the features of having handmade rugs and rugs crafted by machines.

Perks Of having Handmade Rugs For Embellishing Your Places

Perks Of having Handmade Rugs

Handmade rugs are doubtlessly a perfect addition to your home with their extraordinary benefits to cherish. A handmade rug can effortlessly add elegance and style to any unexciting place. Although handmade rugs take loads of time to get ready and available to the market.

But handmade rugs are more beneficial to buy as they are a natural source with a chemical-free organic floor covering solution. It is unique in every sense, as you can notice the difference in the bottom line, artistry, and quality of handmade rugs over machine-made rugs.

Let’s find the pros of having handmade rugs than machine-made rugs.

Explore Features Of Handmade Rugs Over Machine-Made Rugs

You will know the distinct benefits of handmade rugs over machine-made rugs after exploring their unique features individually. Let’s dig into the attributes that can help you make a decision on which is best to buy for your place.

Handmade Rugs Have a Better Workmanship Than Machine-Made Rugs


For the crafting of handmade rugs, it is unmatchable because these rugs are made with natural fibers and are unrivaled in manufacture. Handmade rugs are uncommon in the market because they take far too long to create!

The artisans do not make these Persian rugs with adhesive or glue, so they don’t decay easily. The fibers of handwoven rugs are tightly looped around an adjacent knot, and craftworkers secure it with their workers. Natural materials like cotton, wool, and silk are some of the ones used in making them.

While machine-made rugs are manufactured faster than handwoven rugs, they are not as durable as handwoven rugs. Because they craft these rugs using synthetic fibers like polypropylene, nylon, or mixed wool.

Durability & Quality Of Handmade Vs Machine-Made Rugs


Handmade rugs are regarded as the most durable rugs available on the market. For standing the test of time, these rugs are the only choice to go for. One benefit of handmade rugs over machine-made rugs is that you can easily wash them because they don’t contain any adhesives, glue, or chemicals, and the organic fabrics used in handmade rugs do not deteriorate.

You can not wet clean machine-made rugs because they can get damaged faster than handmade rugs. The fibers of machine-made rugs are not woven tightly like handwoven rugs. These rugs are not equipped with reinforced strength, and it makes the synthetic colors fade away easily. Besides that, the texture of machine-made rugs can deteriorate easily over time, so they are not durable and of high quality.

Appearance & Elegance Of Handmade Vs Machine-Made Rugs


The elegance and outlook of a handwoven area rug are one of a kind among all rug types. Handmade rugs are unique yet made using natural colors, so they won’t fade away. The texture and design of handmade rugs combine to create an incredible piece of art that can add a touch of beauty and style to your homes, workplaces, or any other local place.

The appearance of machine-made rugs looks refined and uniform. You can check the back side of the rugs to notice the difference between handmade rugs and machine-made rugs, as the knots of these wool rugs are perfectly even and give a uniform outlook. Handmade rugs have uneven knots, but despite that, they look amazingly beautiful.

Handmade Rugs are Toxin Free

Handmade Rugs are Toxin Free

One of the most exclusive features of handmade rugs over machine-made rugs is that they are not made with harmful chemicals that can affect your health. These rugs are made of organic fabric such as wool from sheep and then dyed with the natural colors of vegetables. As a result, these rugs are free of toxins and contain no unwanted particles.

But machine-made rugs are made from synthetic fibers that are not good for your health. These rugs emit toxic volatile organic compounds that contain harmful chemicals. Besides that, synthetic rugs have a smell that can cause allergies or nausea. So, you must consider this before buying these rugs.

Finishing Of Handmade Rugs Over Machine-Made Rugs


The other noticeable thing about hand-knotted rugs is that every piece of the finished work reflects the painstaking effort that is used in creating a handmade rug. If you want to invigorate any room, get these rugs and perk up your home decor. You can check the finishing of the handmade rugs can be checked by the back side of the rugs.

Other than this, you can also notice fringes that will extend the rugs and edges where there will be no visible stitches, which means the round rugs are handmade.

As far as the finishing of machine-made rugs is concerned, the back side of these rugs is even. You can check the fringes of the rugs crafted by machines that are added afterwards. The edges of these rugs are bound, and there is surging.

Flexibility Of Handmade & Machine-woven Rugs


The hand-knotted rugs are adaptable to use in any place and environment. It is the perfect addition to the floor of any place, whether residential, local, or commercial. These rugs are the best in terms of longevity, and you can keep them as a valuable investment.

Other than that, you can use these rugs as wall art to add a touch of luxury to any space. Machine-made rugs are also flexible to use and can be placed in any area to enhance their beauty.

Cost Of Handmade & Machine-woven Rugs


The weaving of handmade rugs takes a lot of time and sometimes it can last for months or years. Therefore, handwoven rugs are priced higher than other types of rugs. They can withstand heavy foot traffic and still maintain their appearance.

While crafting machine-knotted rugs takes a minimum of time depending on their size, you can buy these rugs at significantly lower prices than handmade rugs.

To Wrap Up!

You can consider the endless benefits of handmade rugs over machine-made ones before buying. We discussed all the features of having handmade rugs along with machine-woven rugs. You can decide which one is best for your place and suits your budget. We suggest you pick handmade rugs over machine-made rugs because of their exclusive attributes in terms of quality, durability, crafting, flexibility, and finishing.

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