How Shaggy Rugs Infuse Your Living Room with Coziness

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The velvety hug of a shaggy rug is far more comforting than a firm couch or sofa after a long and tiring day. The warmth and softness welcome your senses at once, creating a haven of comfort. Shaggy rugs have the magical power to make any room seem like a luxurious palace. Today, Outdoor Rugs Dubai will discuss the advantages of owning a plush soft rug, the various varieties available, how to choose the right one for your living room, and cleaning and caring for these beautiful floor coverings. Now that the magic of shag rugs has been revealed, your living room will seem more inviting than ever.

10 Benefits of Having a Shag Rug

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Luxurious Comfort

One of the most enticing benefits of having a shag rug in your living room is its luxurious comfort. With its long, plush fibers, this rug offers a soft, cushiony feel underfoot that invites you to sink in and relax.

Warmth and Insulation

Shag rugs act as excellent insulators, providing extra warmth during colder months. The thick pile traps heat, keeping your feet cozy and helping maintain a comfortable room temperature.

Noise Reduction

If you have hard floors or live in an apartment with thin walls, you’ll appreciate how shag rugs help absorb sound. Their dense fibers muffle footsteps and reduce echoes, creating a quieter atmosphere within your living space.

Enhanced Style

Shaggy rugs are practical and stylish additions to any room decor. Available in various colors, patterns, and textures, these handmade rugs add visual interest and depth to your living room while effortlessly tying together different interior design elements.


Whether you prefer modern minimalism or bohemian chic vibes, shaggy rug is available in every style. From solid neutrals to bold geometric prints or even faux fur options for added glamour – the versatility of shag rugs allows them to adapt seamlessly to any aesthetics.

Softening Effect

Hard edges can make a space feel cold and unwelcoming; however, placing a shaggy rug beneath furniture helps soften those lines visually while creating an inviting ambiance within your living room.

Shock Absorption

Accidents happen—glasses slip from hands or items get dropped—but fear not! Shaggy rugs offer excellent shock absorption properties due to their deep pile construction, which helps protect fragile items from accidental knocks or falls.

Traction & Safety

Smooth surfaces can sometimes be slippery hazards, particularly for children or elderly individuals. Shag rugs provide an extra layer of protection in such events.

7 Different Types of Shag Soft Rugs

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Flokati Rugs

Made from 100% wool, these Greek rugs are known for their long and fluffy pile. They always become your best choice and the focal point of your room décor.

Faux Fur Rugs

If you’re looking for a sober option, faux fur rugs are the best choice. They mimic the softness and elegance of real animal fur without harming any animals.

Moroccan Shag Rugs

Inspired by traditional Moroccan designs, these rugs feature geometric patterns and plush fibers. They bring a beautiful funky vibe to your living room.

Cable Knit Outdoor Rugs

With their cozy knit texture, cable knit rugs create an inviting atmosphere in any space, mostly used for outdoor spaces. These chunky rugs are perfect for adding warmth to your interiors during colder months.

Sisal Shag Rugs

Made from natural sisal fibers, these eco-friendly rugs have a rustic charm. Their textured surface adds visual interest while providing durability.

Wool Rugs

Soft and luxurious, sheepskin wool rugs offer unparalleled comfort underfoot. The addition of natural fabrics and lanolin makes them dirt-proof.

Leather Rugs

For those who prefer a more contemporary look, leather shaggy rugs make a bold statement. They add sophistication and texture to modern or industrial-style interiors.

Consider factors such as the size of your space, existing decor style, desired level of maintenance, and budget when making your decision.

How to Pick a Living Room Shag Rug

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  1. Choosing a shag rug for your living room involves various requirements. Consider space size first. To locate the appropriate rug, measure the space, and after measuring the corners or side decor contrast, you can use them.
  2. Next, consider your living room decor color and style.A shaggy plush rug can add texture and warmth to any space, but you’ll want to ensure it complements your room’s overall aesthetics. A bold or patterned shaggy rug can be a great focal point if your place has a neutral color scheme.
  1. Shag rugs trap dirt and debris more easily than other rugs, so choose one that is easy to clean. Look for shaggy rugs made from synthetic materials or smaller pile heights that won’t collect as much dust.
  1. Don’t forget about comfort! The whole purpose of having a shag rug in your living room is to create coziness underfoot. Opt for thicker and plusher versions for maximum favorability.

By considering these factors – size, color/style, maintenance, and comfort -you can choose the perfect shag rug for your living room that adds style and coziness!

Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Your Shaggy Rugs

Properly caring for your shag rug is essential to maintain its coziness and extend its lifespan.

luxurious shag rugs Dubai

Regular Vacuuming

If you do a regular vacuum on your rugs, they remain fresh and clean, and your whole house will seem beautiful with these clean rugs. We suggest you clean your rugs every three days to remove dirt, dust, and pet hair. Use the appropriate vacuum setting or attachment, such as a brush or upholstery tool, to avoid damaging the fibers. If there’s a spill on your shaggy rug, act quickly by blotting the area with a clean cloth or paper towel. Avoid rubbing the stain as it may spread further into the fibers.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning your shag rug every 6-12 months is recommended depending on foot traffic and usage. You can hire professional rug cleaners or use a rug cleaner specifically designed for delicate rugs. Take advantage of good weather by giving your shag rug an occasional shake outdoors to remove loose dirt and debris that may have settled between the fibers.

Rotate Your Rug

To prevent uneven wear patterns, rotate your shaggy rug every few months so that all areas receive equal foot traffic.

Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions 

  1. Always check for specific cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer before attempting any DIY methods or using cleaning products on your shag rug.
  2. Following these simple tips, you can ensure that your beloved shag rug stays fluffy, cozy, and inviting for years without compromising its beauty!
  3. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your shaggy rug in top-notch condition. So, ensure proper cleaning and caring.


Living room rugs are a fantastic addition to any house, infusing it with coziness and warmth. These soft rugs have several features that may improve your area. Then why wait? Make your living area beautiful with this plush rug! Experience this simple yet stylish accessory as it can transform the ambiance of any space into an inviting, warm and relaxing environment.

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