Choose The Perfect Persian Rug For Adorning Your Interiors

Choose The Perfect Persian Rugs

One of the inexpensive yet luxurious flooring solutions to adorn your living places is rugs. Rugs can be of different types and materials based on their weaving strategies. A Persian rug is a type of rug that adds a touch of luxury and elegance to any room.

These rugs have intricate patterns all over them, which are floral, tribal, and antique designs. Sometimes, animal or human figures are crafted on them with a central medallion. If you are looking to choose the perfect Persian rugs, they are valued for their quality and durability because of their painstaking manufacturing.

These rugs have a limited number of layouts, and almost all the rugs have several elements in common. The layouts of the rugs include the medallion, field, a border or multiple borders, and some patterns, particularly floral.

Handwoven Persian rugs are made by utilising the finest materials, including wool and silk. It often takes years, and sometimes decades, to create a Persian rug. One thing that ensures the originality of a genuine Persian rug is that it has no sewn-on fringes. These fringes are an integral part of the rug as they are part of the foundation of rug fiber.

Selecting a rug is not as easy as you think. Rather, it involves certain considerations before buying them. Read this article from the beginning to the end to choose the perfect Persian rug.

Qualities You Must Check To Choose The Perfect Persian Rugs

You should look for the qualities given below when choosing the perfect Persian rug for your home decor.

  • First, check the back and front of the rug to see if there is irregular weaving.
  • Make sure that the rug has a patina.
  • Examine the consistency in the weave.
  • Check the edges and ends of the rug.
  • Check out the colours and textures.
  • Buy a rug that sits flat.
  • If you see any of these inconsistencies in the rug’s appearance, never buy it.

Tips to Choose The Perfect Persian Rugs For Your Home

Persian rugs are renowned for their fine quality, longevity, and durability, but there are many other key points to consider for having the perfect rug. In order to achieve the perfect look for your decor, you will learn about the eight easiest tips for choosing the perfect Persian rug.

Let’s dig into the details.

1. Consider Weaving Material

Weaving Material Rugs

Buying a Persian rug for your home is like investing in the future for your family. This is because Persian rugs are handcrafted and made of materials like wool and silk, or a blend of silk wool. Rugs with pure silk have a shiny finishing touch, but the most commonly used weaving material for Persian rugs is wool.

However, machine-made rugs are not as expensive as handmade rugs, and they fray and wear out quickly. They are made of synthetic materials that attract dirt.

2. Wool Elevation

Wool Elevation Rugs

The elevation of the wool is another important key tip to choosing the perfect Persian rug. There are rugs with a higher pile that look and feel plusher, but there are benefits to having rugs with a lower pile because they are best for high-traffic areas or homes with pets or kids. You can buy a Persian rug with a higher or lower pile based on your design preference.

High pile rugs can give you ultimate comfort and luxury and enhance the aesthetic of your place. It is quite easier to place any item of furniture on low pile rugs as it won’t wobble.

You can test the quality of the wool by running your hand over the wool rugs. If you feel it is smooth and slightly oily, then the quality is good. Don’t buy a rug with wool that feels dry and brittle because it may not last very long.

3. Padding of The Rug

Padding of The Rug


For the quality factor of choosing the perfect Persian rug, the padding of the rug is a key point that ensures durability. The rug’s padding acts as a safety and extended buffer between your rug and the floor. It protects the fibers of rugs from being crushed and elongates the lifetime of rugs.

Padding for rugs is made of felt, rubber, or a combination of both. The rubber helps to keep the area rugs and floor in place, while the felt is perfect for its cushioning features. The rug’s padding also helps to prevent your floors from getting dents and scratches because of furniture.

4. Select A Colour Scheme & Palette

Select A Colour Scheme & Palette Rugs

Choosing the shades of rugs is the most significant tip to choosing the perfect Persian rug. Traditional Iranian rugs are made with natural dyes, so try to look for colours that seem to come from nature.

There are a few natural material shades of a woollen rug with natural dyes, including red, blue, yellow, and brown that are extracted from plants and insects. Synthetic dyes are used to penetrate the fibre, and natural dyes help to coat the surface.

You can check the rugs are made with natural colours by isolating a few threads from the rugs. You will note the subtle unevenness, which ensures that rugs are woven from natural dyes. Also, consider the colour scheme of the room for which you are buying the rug.

5. Choose Between Types of Persian Rugs

Choose Between Types of Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are versatile based on their types. You can explore the varieties of Bakhtiari, Gabbeh, Heriz, and Tabriz. To choose the perfect Persian rugs, these varieties are beautiful in their own style. But you must be sure that you know the difference between all the Persian rug types so that your investment doesn’t go to waste.

The majority of Persian rugs are available in easy-to-match colour schemes such as earth-toned, muted, and neutral. Distinct rug types full of rich reds and vibrant blues are versatile enough to match any home decor.

6. Inquire About Maintenance & Quality

Inquire About Maintenance & Quality of Rugs

Russian rugs offer high quality. Quality is something that people seek in everything, and it depends on the breed of sheep, the pasture, and the time of shearing.

To choose the perfect Persian rugs, ask the sales agent about the quality first and then the maintenance. It is a little difficult to clean rugs with high piles. While low-piled rugs are best in the sense that they attract less dirt and dust, they are also easier to clean.

7. Durability & Longevity

Durability & Longevity of Rugs

Persian rugs come in a variety of materials, but they’re not all created equal. Wool is flame-resistant and can stand spills and heavy foot traffic. Silk is the most luxurious and strong material, as it allows for more intricate designs and patterns.

The other material is polyester, which is cost-effective, bright, and soft but can fade easily. Choose the perfect rug based on durability and lifetime. Be sure to ask about the guarantee of rugs and how long they will last.

8. Handwoven Or Machine Made

Handwoven Or Machine Made Rugs

Persian rugs are handcrafted by skilled weavers. Hand-woven rugs are better in quality than machine-woven as they are made with natural fibers and dyed with plant or vegetable dyes. The best way to ensure that you are buying a hand-woven rug is to check the knot count of the rug.

Check the knotwork around the border of the rugs and look for small imperfections that show that they are hand-knotted. There will be a slight variance in colour saturation.

These imperfections do not lessen the value of the rug but enhance it considerably. While machine-made rugs are quite smooth and inexpensive, they are not as durable as handwoven.

Wrapping It Up !!!

Persian rugs are absolutely an ideal choice for making a place look aesthetic and luxurious. However, you need to keep certain tips in mind to choose the perfect Persian rugs for your place, including materials, padding, colour, texture, types, maintenance, quality, and longevity. You can buy Persian rugs with all these characteristics at

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