Choosing The Perfect Living Room Rugs For Your Home Decor

Choose The Perfect Living Room Rugs For Your Home Decor

Rugs bring charm and personality to any area with their eye-catching appearance and versatility of features. Choose a rug wisely, as it can either make or break the look of your living areas. A good choice of rug can bring everything together and change the outlook of your interior.

Choosing a living room rug according to your taste, requirements, and home interior can be a challenging task to do because you have to consider many aspects before buying an area rug. The main thing to consider is that you are buying rugs with a good proportion of size, colour, material, and pattern according to your home decor.

If you are looking to buy a rug for your living space and you don’t know how to choose the Perfect Living Room Rugs For Your Home Decor, then this guide is for you. By following the tips described in this article, you can pick the perfect living room rug.

Let’s dig into the primary factors that can make your living area an ideal place and a treat to watch.

Key Factors To Consider Before Buying A Perfect Living Room Rugs For Your Home Decor

Choosing a rug that will not harmonize with your decor can break the look of your place. With an awkward choice of colours, size, and texture, a room will look unfinished and unappealing to watch. To avoid the waste of money and time, here are the key points to your aid.

1. Purpose of Buying Rug

Purpose of Buying Rug

Upgrading or replacing a room with an innovative style rug can give your room a fresh and well-known look. There are plenty of reasons to buy a rug for your living room, but it matters the most for which purpose you are purchasing a rug for your place.

Either you want a fresh look in your living room or you want to have warmth and comfort in your living area. Once you find the reason to choose the Perfect Living Room Rugs For Your Home Decor, it will be easier to shop according to your style preference.

2. Size of Rugs

Size of Rugs

The most repeated mistake people often make while buying rugs is that they get to choose a rug that is too small for their living area. A rug should fit under all the accessories of the living room depending upon the area of the room. So, think about placing furniture also and buying a rug according to the furniture’s appearance.

If you have a couch in your room, then your rug should be 6 inches wider than a couch, and for a small area of the room, either buy a rug in a small size or place it under the furniture to a great extent. There are certain shops where you can purchase custom-made living room rugs that can help you make your task easier.

3. Shape & Style of Rug

Shape & Style of Rug

Rugs can easily set the tone of your place depending on their style and shapes. If you are renovating your living room, the area rugs come first for the decor of your room after furniture. You can adorn the rest of the space by matching it with your rugs to achieve a perfect look.

However, if you are buying the rug according to the interior of your room, then make the right choice by picking a rug that goes well with your furniture. Rugs are available on the market in a diversity of shapes like rectangular, circular rugs, oval, unusual, or irregular, or you can also get customized shape rugs that are endless in variety. The styles of rugs include looped, plush, frieze, and oriental, which are stunning.

4. Cost of Rugs

Cost of Rugs

The significant factor in how to choose the Perfect Living Room Rugs For Your Home Decor is their cost. Whenever you buy a rug, prefer a store that is offering discounts on their products or if there is a sale offer. If you don’t have enough budget, then try to bargain with the salesperson and get your piece at an affordable rate.

The cost of Living Room Rugs can vary depending upon their weaving type, fabric materials, whether handmade or machine-made and quality of materials. Therefore, keep in mind these factors that can affect the prices. You can buy a rug in size 8/10 at a price range starting at $300. The manufacturing cost and patterns of dye can cause the price level to go up.

5. Choose from Types of Rugs

Choose from Types of Rugs

Rugs are available in a variety of types to choose from. Explore different sites online before buying a rug online and go with the best that you like according to your preferred taste and requirements. The distinct rug types are shaggy, jute, sisal rugs, Persian rugs, Iranian, Turkish, and animal skin rugs that are available in different colours and sizes to choose from.

You can purchase these rugs from in different styles and shapes. Consider the routine foot traffic of your home and the room type for which you are buying them, like the dining room, kitchen, and bedroom, other than living rooms.

6. Rug Materials & Patterns

Rug Materials & Patterns of Rugs

As you know, rugs are made of different woven materials using innovative crafting techniques and patterns. If you are looking to buy a Perfect Living Room Rugs For Your Home Decor, then you can choose from two types of fibres, synthetic and natural.

Synthetic fibers are polyester, acrylic, nylon, and polypropylene that are handcrafted and resistant to fading. Natural fibers comprise wool, jute, mixed wool, sisal, silk, cotton, hemp, and seagrass for making rugs. As far as rug patterns are concerned, they are geometric, abstract, chevron, striped, or uneven-shaped.

7. Colour & Texture

Colour & Texture Rugs

Flooring makes a larger contribution to the ornamentation of any place, and it has an adoring impact on the eyes of viewers if your floor is well-decorated. For flawless floor decor for your living room, buy a rug after determining your interior theme.

If you have neutral-coloured furniture, then have a patterned rug to add colour and feel to your place. It will help to hide dirt and spills. For a decent look in your room, try a light-coloured rug, as it can improve the ambience of your room.

But if you have pets and kids in your home, try a bold and dark-coloured rug. Rug textures can be earth-toned, soothing, contemporary, seamless, and Victorian. You can choose textures in aspects of their colours, like blue, beige, abstract, and grey.

8. Household Type & Lifestyle

Household Type & Lifestyle of Rugs

The other noticeable factor that can help you choose the perfect rug for the living room is your lifestyle. You should determine the daily traffic at your place or if you have pets and kids at home. Don’t even think of buying a high pile rug. It would be better to have a flat weave rug in this case.

If you want to add a touch of luxury and comfort, then having a rug with a high pile density is best. To mask stains on your rug, buy one in bold colours. Also, check whether your rug has to deal with wear or tear. If yes, then a flat weave is perfect for it.

9. Maintenance & Durability

Maintenance & Durability Of Rugs

To enjoy your rug for a longer period, purchase it in high-end quality and manufacturing. Whenever you buy a rug, ask the sales agent about its maintenance and ensure its durability. Maintenance of rugs is crucial, but it depends upon the type of rug because some rugs don’t require frequent cleaning while some do.

And the durability of rugs depends upon their weaving material and the way you keep them as well. For the longevity of a rug, vacuum your rug twice a week with water and cleaning detergent or soap that is suitable for your rug. Avoid using harsh cleaning products as they can cause fading out of the colour and texture of your newly bought rug.

Ending Note !!!

Achieving a perfect look for your living room with a rug is quite easy if you consider some key ingredients before buying a rug. If you are seeking a way to choose the perfect living room rugs for your home decor and you don’t have sufficient knowledge about them, then this easy guide can help you a lot.

There are certain factors like quality, colours, types, materials, textures, shapes, styles, maintenance, durability, and, above all, the cost of rugs that can help you choose a perfect rug. You can buy rugs with all these features at

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